Minmetals pioneers a new transparency with Australian report

时间:2011-10-28 来源:澳大利亚人报

    Minmetals Resouces has launched a report on its Australian operations Source: Supplied

    CHINA Minmetals Corporation last night launched a 116-page report on the sustainability of its Australian operations, the first time a state-owned Chinese enterprise has produced such a document.

    Senior vice-president Zhang Yuanrong, in Melbourne for the launch, said: "We are pioneers. As an international company, we feel we should do what other international companies do."

    Andrew Michelmore, chief executive of MMG, the company's leading international arm, said: "The marketplace wouldn't be expecting a Chinese sovereign-owned enterprise to be coming out with sections on human rights and on community involvement, as it has."

    The report says "China Minmetals supports the international code of human rights" and "strives to promote social and economic development in local communities".

    Mr Zhang also said: "A sustainable company is a profitable company. If we were on the edge of bankruptcy, there would be no sustainable development."

    He said Minmetals had kept on the Australian staff and management when it bought OZ Minerals.

    "Nothing has changed. We obey the rule of transparency and make everything accessible to the public,'' he said.

    "And MMG has made record profits in the last two years."

    Mr Michelmore said it might take until the end of the year to bed down the $1.3 billion friendly takeover of copper play Anvil Mining.

    "That will keep us busy," he said

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